Virtual Incubation

Sign-In would offering virtual incubation service to the Incubatee which does not entail any office working space. As the virtual Incubation does not provide any physical Infrastructure services. In case if the Incubatee wishes to avail such physical infrastructure services, it will request the Incubator for the same and the Incubator, at its sole discretion, may provide such services to the incubate, subject to details terms & condition of the physical Incubation as per agreement with the Incubatee.

Such Virtual Incubation support:

  • Online Legal Consultation
  • Workshop for New Idea & Validation
  • Online Awareness creation about the Start-up Policy
  • Online Mentorship support
  • Documentation for Seed fund & Early stage Fund
  • Deck Presentation in front to the VC & Angel Investor